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Part3 of Episode 1 of “The Filthy Pumpkin Show” is not ready yet, but it should be soon. Meanwhile Michael is fleshing out the script of “FilthyPumpkin II”, a continuation of the show’s story – more mature, better script, better visual effects, more actors, more of – well everything.

While developing this idea into what it is today, we really got better – a lot. So naturally we want to present that knowledge – and that’s what “The Filthy Pumpkin Show” is all about anyway. A learning curve that you – as a viewer – are able to follow.

Some things we have planned for the new Show:

– Some custom built sets
– Real costumes
– More and better props
– A make-up artist that actually knows what she’s doing
– A more mature storyline
– Better visual FX, solely built for the show
– A steadycam
– Everything will be shot in HD

Of course this is just a rough outline of what we are looking into right now, but hell – I really think that most of the trial & error is finally paying off 😉


… is now online!

Check it out at

A very musical episode by the way.